This is the end of this first but absolutely not last road trip!
It has been awesome, great fun, exciting and most of all in the spirit of the automobile:)
I still don’t understand all that has happened the last two weeks, and it will take a couple of days more, but I’m still smiling!

Just a few of many, but thanks to…

Anders Jørgensen and Ib Kragh, for making it possible to go on a road trip in the old German!

Anders Jørgensen, Michael Rosenberg and Kristen Laursen, for making F1 a huge surprise to be a start of my road trip, and the first time I’ve got to see F1 live!

Colin Schinke and a few from Ausfahrt, for the level of service regarding a fool’s interest in taking pictures:)!

Ivonne Salzborn, for letting me experience Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, and by that also my 924’s abilities!

Sandra Zeichner and Florian Kinas, for their hospitality and trying to teach me German:)!

Uwa Okonkwo, for taking the time with jet-lack, to hang out with an old friend from DK!

Camilla Kjær, for being in my life, and putting up with my sickness about cars, world class co-driver:)!

Pistenklause, for having the greatest restaurant with the best service in the world of motor-sports:) -that I know of!

Porsche Museum, for letting a first time owner having a great time in Stuttgart!

Severin Skallerup, for always being a big help with my old german!:)

Last but not least, my Porsche 924, for not letting me down on this trip.
Actually giving me a bunch of adventures since the day I picked it up south of Sealand, haha…

If you are just a bit into cars, and in the area of the places I have visited, please do visit these places, they are very nice, no they are awesome!

Places you have to visit:
Hockenheimring, Hockenheim
Autostadt, Wolfsburg
Automuseum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Oschersleben
Classic Remise, Berlin
Nürburgring, Nürburg
Porsche Museum, Stuttgart
Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart
Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

I hope that my little blog has been joyful, it has been nice to update the blog, and that way getting a little summery of what actually happened, haha…

Links to the two laps on Oschersleben and Nordschleife:
(I’m sorry about the video quality!)
Oschersleben lap
Nordschleife lap

Have a great life until the next trip, in the spirit of the Automobile;)