Heading home, but first we have to make a short stop or two:)

First stop was at Ralf Schumacher’s gokart track and the Snow-dome outside Hamburg, not to try it this time, but it is on the list for destinations now!
I think a long weekend trip to that place would be very cool, you can do in- and out-door karting, bowling in the basement, then over to the dome to ski, snowboard and outside you can try surfing, yes thank you, I am going, who is with me 🙂 haha…

Moving on, to the “HafenCity” of Hamburg, coming around to be a nice place, and there we find the Prototyp Automuseum!
I have been here many times, and it is a nice, quiet and stylish place, and it is private own by people with the likes for Porsche:)
Unfortunately the lower two floors where rented out to a gallery, so only pictures from the top floor, but that is still nice and worth the time!

Then the rest of the trip home, how is it that the last 150km always feel like twice that long, hmmm, but it is nice to be back home, and I’m looking forward to relaxing the hole day tomorrow, not doing jack shit 😉 (yeah – like that’s gonna happen)

My oh my, that old german lady of mine did 3.500km including two racetracks and allot of hot traffic jams, fully packed in 13 days around Germany, with only miner challenges, SWEET!
German and a Porsche build with the help of VW, it can not be a bad thing! 😉

Now it is time for a movie and some sleep, good night to you all!