So, the update of the
last couple of days…

Day 11: We left
Nürburg towards Stuttgart, via the beautiful Mosel-river and some exhaust-pipe-fixing,
to a very, hmm, fascinating place:)

Sinsheim Auto- and
, and yes there where automobiles, airplanes, military, locomotives…and
then there was mannequins and circus’isch coin active music playing 1900’s
organs and pianos, and man that was a bit scary!
For me it was a bit
too “Låsby Marked”, it was a little hard to see the things one by
one, allot of stuff place very close.
BUT, they have allot
of cool stuff, and very nice cars, and that is what its all about on this trip:)
A few of the cars,
most important the 924’s.
Well after that mixed experience, we left for Stuttgart, and had a very “hyggelig” evening/night in the tent and heavy rain and thunder…

Day 12: Stuttgart is equal to Porsche– and Mercedes-museum!
We started out with Porsche, and they were so very open and service minded, that I got the chance to take this picture:)
This museum is just amazing, I have been here twice before, but wow!
They had a special focus on Le Mans, of cause after joining the LMP1 league this year.
It was very nice to see the older Le Mans racers, and racing in a simulator
(911RSR on Silverstone).
They had activities for kids and groups, and they seemed to enjoy it allot!
Well being a Porsche fan, this is close to heaven, and the collection is stunning!
This is a must to visit, whether or not you are in to cars:)
Here is a bit of pictures from the visit:

After the homecoming party
for my 924, we moved on to a place I have never been before, Mercedes Museum.

It is big and special – I must say I am not the biggest fan of Mercedes, but but, this place is very
interesting and they have some great displays.
And even though you
might not be in to a brand of car, they have built some awesome cars since they
started out, and Mr. Porsche was here as well, hehe, a little touch of Porsche in many brands:)
Some pictures from the

We left Stuttgart
towards Hamburg, knowing we would not get that fare, and we are now calling it
a day in a motel south of Kassel:)
Nice truckload…

Nighty night out-there:)