Oh my dear Nürburgring, haha…!
I have visited this place allot of times, and it still gets me:)
Having a thousand laps in sim games, but only driven twice my self, and twice as a passenger, this is still my favorite civil racing experience ever, man this is a wild ride, and some great awesome cars that shows up!
We started out with missing the Classic Rally Festival, very bad!, thanks to some canceled airplanes, but I got my co-driver eventually:)

We arrived to the 24 hour bicycle race on the 24h layout of Nürburgring, although its not the wild spectator experience, I do have respect for the guys who hit about 100kmh down the “Fuchsröhre”, that must be a wild ride, haa!?

Then we got to the very important day:)
We started out easy, well fun because of all the battles in “Ringwerk“, this place is great for grownups as well as kids, you just have to give in for the fun, and we did, big-time:)
There is also allot to learn, and great displays as well as 3-4D shows!

And most importantly my second time on the Nordschleife (The Green Hell), where my last time was wild because it was in a car you shouldn’t go on a race track in:) (’92 standard Polo 1.3)
This time was with my co-driver in my first Porsche, uuuhhhiiiii I was exited…
I definitely beat my last lap-time, but I will be back for a better time, when the 924 is setup for racing, and I know the car better;)
(Nordscheife BTG Laptime: 12:21:41)
You will have the lap-video in the end update, when I get back home.

As always after a good day at the track, here in Nürburg, it is a tradition to visit a great place to eat, and my all time favorite is Pistenklause, ordering steak on hot-stones…And I am a fan of this place because of great food, exceptional environment, and the coolest signature of 2013, namely myself on my birthday last year:)

Well, I can only say goodnight and thank you Nürburg, for yet another super nice visit!
Sleep tight all! 🙂