Update from the last days and today:)
Berlin, what a wonderful city, but not so cool for a old car like mine:)haha…
It’s a bit bumpy and and the traffic is hard on the cooling, in my case because of the fuses burning out:) Love old cars!
Speaking of old cars, if you visit Berlin, there is one place you have to see, as a car lover:)
Classic Remise Berlin, it is a few huge warehouses made in to car-workshops/-showrooms/-glass garages for private, clubs and companies.
It is an amazing collection of cars, and a nice place to work around, that somebody has gathered all this in one place, thank you!
(This is just one of the buildings)

It is all from motorcycles and Citroen’s to New McLaren’s and Ferrari’s.
The one that struck me the most, was a huge and beautiful Bentley, that seems to be private owned, I am not sure what model it is, but it looks like a Bentley Dartmoor, WOW!
And it reminds me a bit of the Bugatti Type 57, which is my all time favorite of the older automobiles:)

Another place to see is the Tech museum Deutschland, there they have a huge display of ships, locomotives, airplanes and cars(not so big).
If you have kids with you, then this place is also made as a great playground and learning place in all kinds of mechanics and science.
And for the grown ups, most of the display is just fascinating.

Other that that, Berlin is just nice to hang out in, there is something for everybody!
And very nice to see my old friend Uwa!

Now lays a trip to Frankfurt, where I am looking forward to picking up Milady Camilla;) And she will be my co-driver for the rest of the trip, sweet!

Have a nice day, and I will soon have a Nürburg update 😉