Day 5 Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

Well everybody, I have just been at one of the most busy racetracks, activities 280 days a year and a setup as pro as it gets.
What strike you even more is the level of service, you feel like Donald Trump at a 5-star hotel, I was in heaven.
After that I of course turn my attention to the track, and as a spectator it is just what you dream of, all – big spender or not – are at a level where you have a great view at the track, which is a awesome track.
I will admit, I am not a race-driver that knows all tracks around Europe, but I hope to change some of that, by adding more trips to this blog in the following years to come.
But this track is fun, durable, challenging and exiting both in simulation and more so in reality, I am not a person who sings in the car, but on my way back from this visit, I sang and danced in the car, wickedly freaking awesome, is only a small way of putting this:)
If you get the chance to visit this track, if its a race, track day, training or to rent the track, go for it!
There will be more of my drive on the track in the video of the hole trip, but here are a picture from today:)

Yes yes, my lap-time was only 2:41:06, slow yes, but I don’t know how the breaks and suspension is, and I have a long way to drive after this, so I am satisfied, for now;)
Do check out there website: Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

After a quick visit at AutoMuseum Volkswagen on Dieselsrasse, which is a place to visit, if you are going to Autostadt and like VW 🙂
I ended the day with a visit to some my friends, Sandra and Florian, always a joy to see them, and who can turn down a swim in the Mittelland Canal and a BBQ, not me:)

I hope you all had a great day, and I will look forward to a relaxing day tomorrow, going to Berlin and hanging out with my friend Uwa:)