Autostadt Wolfsburg!
This is still one of my favorite places to visit, even if it’s not only about cars.
It is a wonderful place to walk around, and now they have a “beach” bar and mega swing, the surroundings and food are just after my taste.
Talking about cars, well then they have a great collection of older and very old, plus all the new models they display.
I went on a factory tour, and man that is a big factory, it is fascinating how huge and well functioned it is.
That is the kind of place my future job has to be! (we will see:))
Now they also have “Ausfahrt”, where you have the chance to try all from a VW E-Up to a Golf GTD or a Touareg.
It is mostly about the small features they have, not how fast they are, but its nice, and you have a instructor with you.
What can I say, loving a day with no plans, and relaxing in great surroundings with a perfect touch of automobile 🙂

Thank you Autostadt, and your extreme helpful personal!
(Special thanks to Colin Schinke an a few from Ausfart!)

Now I will take a walk and find some dinner and the to bed, have to be fresh for the trip to Oschersleben Motorsport Arena tomorrow 🙂 hihiii…

A bit from today, have a great day!