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This is all about the love for driving cars and discover the sites around us.

No matter what car or site, it is individual what we find special.

Here you have a little insight in what I find special, and enjoy:)

Day 4 Autostadt Wolfsburg

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Mon, July 21, 2014 19:09:38

Autostadt Wolfsburg!
This is still one of my favorite places to visit, even if it’s not only about cars.
It is a wonderful place to walk around, and now they have a “beach” bar and mega swing, the surroundings and food are just after my taste.
Talking about cars, well then they have a great collection of older and very old, plus all the new models they display.
I went on a factory tour, and man that is a big factory, it is fascinating how huge and well functioned it is.
That is the kind of place my future job has to be! (we will see:))
Now they also have “Ausfahrt”, where you have the chance to try all from a VW E-Up to a Golf GTD or a Touareg.
It is mostly about the small features they have, not how fast they are, but its nice, and you have a instructor with you.
What can I say, loving a day with no plans, and relaxing in great surroundings with a perfect touch of automobile 🙂

Thank you Autostadt, and your extreme helpful personal!
(Special thanks to Colin Schinke an a few from Ausfart!)

Now I will take a walk and find some dinner and the to bed, have to be fresh for the trip to Oschersleben Motorsport Arena tomorrow 🙂 hihiii…

A bit from today, have a great day!

Day 3 F1 at Hockenheim

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Mon, July 21, 2014 04:01:24

The day has been as expected and a bit more:)
Great action packed racing all day long.
And nice performances from the danes in the different classes, a big congraz to Nicky Thiim with the victory in Mobile 1 Supercup, and great fighting to Marco Sørensen and Kevin Magnussen!

Other than that, it was a joy to hang out with my travel partner Michael and his friend Kristen, that I just met for the first time on this trip!
Wild surprise start on this roadtrip, nice packed in nice 🙂
I also met some friends Jacob and Ulrik at the Mercedes tribune, which is a great place to be if you like Mercedes, a huge show’isch place!

And and and, yes I was one of the many people that ran unto the track after the race, and I was one of the first, ergo right in front of the podium, wild haha, come on it was my first F1 🙂

After getting to Hamburg, so that I could pick up my old 924, I ran in to a little challenge, my fuel-pump did not start the second time I started it.
But after 15min’s of tender and care, alone on a deserted Ikea parking-lot, it was back alive, and I have just arrived at Global Inn in Wolfsburg, aaahhh…long but freaking nice day!

In some hours, it is Autostadt, and that is always a good place to visit!

Have a wonderful night 😉