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This is all about the love for driving cars and discover the sites around us.

No matter what car or site, it is individual what we find special.

Here you have a little insight in what I find special, and enjoy:)

What a trip! Thanks!

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Thu, July 31, 2014 19:40:25

This is the end of this first but absolutely not last road trip!
It has been awesome, great fun, exciting and most of all in the spirit of the automobile:)
I still don’t understand all that has happened the last two weeks, and it will take a couple of days more, but I’m still smiling!

Just a few of many, but thanks to…

Anders Jørgensen and Ib Kragh, for making it possible to go on a road trip in the old German!

Anders Jørgensen, Michael Rosenberg and Kristen Laursen, for making F1 a huge surprise to be a start of my road trip, and the first time I’ve got to see F1 live!

Colin Schinke and a few from Ausfahrt, for the level of service regarding a fool’s interest in taking pictures:)!

Ivonne Salzborn, for letting me experience Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, and by that also my 924’s abilities!

Sandra Zeichner and Florian Kinas, for their hospitality and trying to teach me German:)!

Uwa Okonkwo, for taking the time with jet-lack, to hang out with an old friend from DK!

Camilla Kjær, for being in my life, and putting up with my sickness about cars, world class co-driver:)!

Pistenklause, for having the greatest restaurant with the best service in the world of motor-sports:) -that I know of!

Porsche Museum, for letting a first time owner having a great time in Stuttgart!

Severin Skallerup, for always being a big help with my old german!:)

Last but not least, my Porsche 924, for not letting me down on this trip.
Actually giving me a bunch of adventures since the day I picked it up south of Sealand, haha…

If you are just a bit into cars, and in the area of the places I have visited, please do visit these places, they are very nice, no they are awesome!

Places you have to visit:
Hockenheimring, Hockenheim
Autostadt, Wolfsburg
Automuseum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Oschersleben
Classic Remise, Berlin
Nürburgring, Nürburg
Porsche Museum, Stuttgart
Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart
Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

I hope that my little blog has been joyful, it has been nice to update the blog, and that way getting a little summery of what actually happened, haha…

Links to the two laps on Oschersleben and Nordschleife:
(I’m sorry about the video quality!)
Oschersleben lap
Nordschleife lap

Have a great life until the next trip, in the spirit of the Automobile;)

Day 13 Home sweet home :)

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Wed, July 30, 2014 22:42:35

Heading home, but first we have to make a short stop or two:)

First stop was at Ralf Schumacher’s gokart track and the Snow-dome outside Hamburg, not to try it this time, but it is on the list for destinations now!
I think a long weekend trip to that place would be very cool, you can do in- and out-door karting, bowling in the basement, then over to the dome to ski, snowboard and outside you can try surfing, yes thank you, I am going, who is with me 🙂 haha…

Moving on, to the “HafenCity” of Hamburg, coming around to be a nice place, and there we find the Prototyp Automuseum!
I have been here many times, and it is a nice, quiet and stylish place, and it is private own by people with the likes for Porsche:)
Unfortunately the lower two floors where rented out to a gallery, so only pictures from the top floor, but that is still nice and worth the time!

Then the rest of the trip home, how is it that the last 150km always feel like twice that long, hmmm, but it is nice to be back home, and I’m looking forward to relaxing the hole day tomorrow, not doing jack shit 😉 (yeah – like that’s gonna happen)

My oh my, that old german lady of mine did 3.500km including two racetracks and allot of hot traffic jams, fully packed in 13 days around Germany, with only miner challenges, SWEET!
German and a Porsche build with the help of VW, it can not be a bad thing! 😉

Now it is time for a movie and some sleep, good night to you all!

Day 11-12 Sinsheim and Stuttgart

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Tue, July 29, 2014 23:15:46

So, the update of the
last couple of days…

Day 11: We left
Nürburg towards Stuttgart, via the beautiful Mosel-river and some exhaust-pipe-fixing,
to a very, hmm, fascinating place:)

Sinsheim Auto- and
, and yes there where automobiles, airplanes, military, locomotives…and
then there was mannequins and circus’isch coin active music playing 1900’s
organs and pianos, and man that was a bit scary!
For me it was a bit
too “Låsby Marked”, it was a little hard to see the things one by
one, allot of stuff place very close.
BUT, they have allot
of cool stuff, and very nice cars, and that is what its all about on this trip:)
A few of the cars,
most important the 924’s.
Well after that mixed experience, we left for Stuttgart, and had a very “hyggelig” evening/night in the tent and heavy rain and thunder…

Day 12: Stuttgart is equal to Porsche– and Mercedes-museum!
We started out with Porsche, and they were so very open and service minded, that I got the chance to take this picture:)
This museum is just amazing, I have been here twice before, but wow!
They had a special focus on Le Mans, of cause after joining the LMP1 league this year.
It was very nice to see the older Le Mans racers, and racing in a simulator
(911RSR on Silverstone).
They had activities for kids and groups, and they seemed to enjoy it allot!
Well being a Porsche fan, this is close to heaven, and the collection is stunning!
This is a must to visit, whether or not you are in to cars:)
Here is a bit of pictures from the visit:

After the homecoming party
for my 924, we moved on to a place I have never been before, Mercedes Museum.

It is big and special – I must say I am not the biggest fan of Mercedes, but but, this place is very
interesting and they have some great displays.
And even though you
might not be in to a brand of car, they have built some awesome cars since they
started out, and Mr. Porsche was here as well, hehe, a little touch of Porsche in many brands:)
Some pictures from the

We left Stuttgart
towards Hamburg, knowing we would not get that fare, and we are now calling it
a day in a motel south of Kassel:)
Nice truckload…

Nighty night out-there:)

Day 9-10 Nürburgring

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Sun, July 27, 2014 22:58:55

Oh my dear Nürburgring, haha…!
I have visited this place allot of times, and it still gets me:)
Having a thousand laps in sim games, but only driven twice my self, and twice as a passenger, this is still my favorite civil racing experience ever, man this is a wild ride, and some great awesome cars that shows up!
We started out with missing the Classic Rally Festival, very bad!, thanks to some canceled airplanes, but I got my co-driver eventually:)

We arrived to the 24 hour bicycle race on the 24h layout of Nürburgring, although its not the wild spectator experience, I do have respect for the guys who hit about 100kmh down the “Fuchsröhre”, that must be a wild ride, haa!?

Then we got to the very important day:)
We started out easy, well fun because of all the battles in “Ringwerk“, this place is great for grownups as well as kids, you just have to give in for the fun, and we did, big-time:)
There is also allot to learn, and great displays as well as 3-4D shows!

And most importantly my second time on the Nordschleife (The Green Hell), where my last time was wild because it was in a car you shouldn’t go on a race track in:) (’92 standard Polo 1.3)
This time was with my co-driver in my first Porsche, uuuhhhiiiii I was exited…
I definitely beat my last lap-time, but I will be back for a better time, when the 924 is setup for racing, and I know the car better;)
(Nordscheife BTG Laptime: 12:21:41)
You will have the lap-video in the end update, when I get back home.

As always after a good day at the track, here in Nürburg, it is a tradition to visit a great place to eat, and my all time favorite is Pistenklause, ordering steak on hot-stones…And I am a fan of this place because of great food, exceptional environment, and the coolest signature of 2013, namely myself on my birthday last year:)

Well, I can only say goodnight and thank you Nürburg, for yet another super nice visit!
Sleep tight all! 🙂

Day 6-8 Berlin

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Fri, July 25, 2014 08:43:37

Update from the last days and today:)
Berlin, what a wonderful city, but not so cool for a old car like mine:)haha…
It’s a bit bumpy and and the traffic is hard on the cooling, in my case because of the fuses burning out:) Love old cars!
Speaking of old cars, if you visit Berlin, there is one place you have to see, as a car lover:)
Classic Remise Berlin, it is a few huge warehouses made in to car-workshops/-showrooms/-glass garages for private, clubs and companies.
It is an amazing collection of cars, and a nice place to work around, that somebody has gathered all this in one place, thank you!
(This is just one of the buildings)

It is all from motorcycles and Citroen’s to New McLaren’s and Ferrari’s.
The one that struck me the most, was a huge and beautiful Bentley, that seems to be private owned, I am not sure what model it is, but it looks like a Bentley Dartmoor, WOW!
And it reminds me a bit of the Bugatti Type 57, which is my all time favorite of the older automobiles:)

Another place to see is the Tech museum Deutschland, there they have a huge display of ships, locomotives, airplanes and cars(not so big).
If you have kids with you, then this place is also made as a great playground and learning place in all kinds of mechanics and science.
And for the grown ups, most of the display is just fascinating.

Other that that, Berlin is just nice to hang out in, there is something for everybody!
And very nice to see my old friend Uwa!

Now lays a trip to Frankfurt, where I am looking forward to picking up Milady Camilla;) And she will be my co-driver for the rest of the trip, sweet!

Have a nice day, and I will soon have a Nürburg update 😉

Day 5 Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2014 22:56:46

Day 5 Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

Well everybody, I have just been at one of the most busy racetracks, activities 280 days a year and a setup as pro as it gets.
What strike you even more is the level of service, you feel like Donald Trump at a 5-star hotel, I was in heaven.
After that I of course turn my attention to the track, and as a spectator it is just what you dream of, all – big spender or not – are at a level where you have a great view at the track, which is a awesome track.
I will admit, I am not a race-driver that knows all tracks around Europe, but I hope to change some of that, by adding more trips to this blog in the following years to come.
But this track is fun, durable, challenging and exiting both in simulation and more so in reality, I am not a person who sings in the car, but on my way back from this visit, I sang and danced in the car, wickedly freaking awesome, is only a small way of putting this:)
If you get the chance to visit this track, if its a race, track day, training or to rent the track, go for it!
There will be more of my drive on the track in the video of the hole trip, but here are a picture from today:)

Yes yes, my lap-time was only 2:41:06, slow yes, but I don’t know how the breaks and suspension is, and I have a long way to drive after this, so I am satisfied, for now;)
Do check out there website: Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

After a quick visit at AutoMuseum Volkswagen on Dieselsrasse, which is a place to visit, if you are going to Autostadt and like VW 🙂
I ended the day with a visit to some my friends, Sandra and Florian, always a joy to see them, and who can turn down a swim in the Mittelland Canal and a BBQ, not me:)

I hope you all had a great day, and I will look forward to a relaxing day tomorrow, going to Berlin and hanging out with my friend Uwa:)

Day 4 Autostadt Wolfsburg

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Mon, July 21, 2014 19:09:38

Autostadt Wolfsburg!
This is still one of my favorite places to visit, even if it’s not only about cars.
It is a wonderful place to walk around, and now they have a “beach” bar and mega swing, the surroundings and food are just after my taste.
Talking about cars, well then they have a great collection of older and very old, plus all the new models they display.
I went on a factory tour, and man that is a big factory, it is fascinating how huge and well functioned it is.
That is the kind of place my future job has to be! (we will see:))
Now they also have “Ausfahrt”, where you have the chance to try all from a VW E-Up to a Golf GTD or a Touareg.
It is mostly about the small features they have, not how fast they are, but its nice, and you have a instructor with you.
What can I say, loving a day with no plans, and relaxing in great surroundings with a perfect touch of automobile 🙂

Thank you Autostadt, and your extreme helpful personal!
(Special thanks to Colin Schinke an a few from Ausfart!)

Now I will take a walk and find some dinner and the to bed, have to be fresh for the trip to Oschersleben Motorsport Arena tomorrow 🙂 hihiii…

A bit from today, have a great day!

Day 3 F1 at Hockenheim

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Mon, July 21, 2014 04:01:24

The day has been as expected and a bit more:)
Great action packed racing all day long.
And nice performances from the danes in the different classes, a big congraz to Nicky Thiim with the victory in Mobile 1 Supercup, and great fighting to Marco Sørensen and Kevin Magnussen!

Other than that, it was a joy to hang out with my travel partner Michael and his friend Kristen, that I just met for the first time on this trip!
Wild surprise start on this roadtrip, nice packed in nice 🙂
I also met some friends Jacob and Ulrik at the Mercedes tribune, which is a great place to be if you like Mercedes, a huge show’isch place!

And and and, yes I was one of the many people that ran unto the track after the race, and I was one of the first, ergo right in front of the podium, wild haha, come on it was my first F1 🙂

After getting to Hamburg, so that I could pick up my old 924, I ran in to a little challenge, my fuel-pump did not start the second time I started it.
But after 15min’s of tender and care, alone on a deserted Ikea parking-lot, it was back alive, and I have just arrived at Global Inn in Wolfsburg, aaahhh…long but freaking nice day!

In some hours, it is Autostadt, and that is always a good place to visit!

Have a wonderful night 😉

Day 2 F1 Hockenheim

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Sat, July 19, 2014 19:35:55

Haha, ok I have to take the words back, the 2014 F1 cars, are not totally quiet, its not like the best of all times – V10’s, well in my opinion 🙂
But today was the first day I saw the 2014 F1‘s live, and what a machine, hehe…
I was placed just before the start line, which is a great place, where you can see about 6 corners – sweet!
Picture from my seat – P3 at Hockenheim.
Mini Mag – in Q3 at Hockenheim.

Then the GP2 cars came on, and my oh my that is the sound of race!
And it was great to see nice racing done by all of them, but great driving from Marco Sørensen, with the sweetest overtaking in the last corner before the checkered flag!

Even the GP3’s V6’s sounded wild, so all in all a great day at the track!

I am looking so much forward to Day 3 with races in Mobil 1 Supercup, GP3, GP2 and of course Formula 1 🙂

I hope you all had a great day too, now its time for a beef 😉

Day 1 Aarhus to Hockenheim

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Sat, July 19, 2014 01:42:04

Wow, a big surprise this morning, Michael – do you wonna go to F1 at Hockenheim, then get ready in 1 hour, hmm well jiii, OK… And 13 hours of driving later, we are here!!!:)

And going to bed:)
Looking forward to being at the track in about 8,5 hours:)
Good night out there, and sleep well!

My Porsche 924’s first real road trip!

My 924's first real road trip! Posted on Mon, June 30, 2014 00:18:58

This is a real treat.
I have bought an older 924, which needs a great deal of love, to be reborn:)
I am now at a point, where I hope and believe it can do the first road trip, mostly around Germany.
This trip will be in the spirit of cars and racing, and I will visit places I know about, and feel are places you have to visit, if you love cars:)
I hope you all enjoy this little diary-blog, and maybe even get ideas and plans of your own, in the same theme!.
The trip will take place in week 30-31…